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Painting #2 (Ground)

650 USD

'Painting #2 (Ground)' is a complimentary piece to 'Painting #2 (Sky).' The pieces are part of a larger series of golf-based action paintings by Kyle Louis Fletcher.

The piece was created by using a 7-iron to hit paint-filled-golf-ball-sized balloons from a canvas on the floor at an identical canvas on the wall. 72 strokes (layers of paint) were completed to make the painting. It is a made of a mix of tempera, enamel, acrylic, and airbrush pigment sealed with a protective archival clear top coat. This particular piece has incredible richness in the center of the painting where the balls were launched from.

It is available 40" x 60" unframed. Please inquire about additional costs for shipping (if not based in Chicago, IL) and additional costs if you would like the piece to come framed.

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