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Painting #3 (Ground)

550 USD

'Painting #3 (Ground)' is a complimentary piece to 'Painting #3 (Sky).' The pieces are part of a larger series of golf-based action paintings by Kyle Louis Fletcher.

The piece was created by using a 7-iron to hit paint-filled-golf-ball-sized balloons from a canvas on the floor at an identical canvas on the wall. 72 strokes (layers of paint) were completed to make the painting. It is a made of a mix of tempera, enamel, acrylic, and airbrush pigment sealed with a protective archival clear top coat. This piece also incorporates fiat 2015 Denver Mint pennies into the painted surface. One penny was added to each paint filled balloon to help mix color and create not only 2 artworks with one stroke time but a game of chance.

It is available 36" x 48" unframed. The piece was also painted on a custom built masonite and oak frame created by the artist. Please inquire about additional costs for shipping (if not based in Chicago, IL) and additional costs if you would like the piece to come framed.

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